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    Kim is passionate about all aspects of transgression, from freedom of creativity to gender bending to an individual’s right to dress as wildly as they see fit. This desire to push against the norm prompted her to reject the grandiose religious zeal she developed as a partially-deaf child and take up the academic study of anything with a good dose of revolt at its core.

    After attaining a first class honours degree in English Lit and Creative Writing from the University of Glamorgan, Kim was awarded a studentship to study for her MA in Writing at Nottingham Trent. There she was tutored by the multi-award winning author, Graham Joyce. She also became fascinated by the internet, skills she later put to use in her work as a copywriter, advertising exec, and website designer. But it was her desire to write fantasy and science fiction novels which soon took precedence. Inspired by the time she spent living in Nottingham, a place she truly felt at home, Kim wrote Tourniquet: Tales From The Renegade City and was delighted to find a home for it with Immanion Press.

    Keeping her roots in dark fantasy, Kim explored new interests in mechanics, geology and bioengineering. Her 1950s gaspunk short story, ‘Johnny and Emmie-Lou Get Married’ was published in Interzone #222 and shortlisted for the 2009 British Science Fiction Association short story award.

    The notion of the lone warrior in an apocalyptic setting dominated Kim’s short stories, ‘The Killing Fields’ from the anthology Celebration (Newcon Press, 2008), ‘The Harvest’ from the anthology Further Conflicts (Newcon Press, 2011) and ‘Deluge’ from the anthology Pandemonium: Tales of the Apocalypse (Jurassic, 2011). Meanwhile, Kim’s gothic inclinations showed in her more traditional horror stories including ‘Unearthed’ (Black Static #12), ‘The Shadow Keeper’ (Black Static #13), ‘Heart Song’ from the anthology MythUnderstandings (Newcon Press, 2008), ‘Field of the Dead’ from The Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories by Women (Robinson Publishing, October 2012) and the biopunk tale, ‘The Island of Peter Pandora’ (Snowbooks, 2012).

    This blend of dark fantasy and post-apocalyptic SF came to the fore in Kim’s second novel, Cyber Circus (Newcon, 2011.) Originally conceived of as a twin novella to her short story ‘MyLatisseOnline’, Cyber Circus grew into a novel in its own right. The story of a floating circus of bio-engineered freaks in a post-apocalyptic future is currently shortlisted for the 2011 British Science Fiction Association Best Novel award. Kim’s Young Adult novella, Queen Rat (Murkey Depths, 2012), will be launched at this year’s SFX Weekender event.

    Kim is a regular guest speaker at literary events and has run many writing workshops at colleges and conventions. She lives up a small mountain of steps in a Victorian townhouse in the eclectic cotswold town of Stroud with her husband, daughter, an old labrador, a mad spaniel, two cat overlords, and a guinea pig disguised as a large rat.

    As a writer, she is inspired by artists who take pop culture, crack it open, and hatch something new; artist HR Giger, music video director Floria Sigismondi, rock god Marilyn Manson, alt.fashion designer Jeannie Nitro, and scriptwriter Joss Whedon. She believes she is well placed to connect with her readers, having a hazy attitude to maturity, an eclectic dress sense, and a true zest for the weird and the freakish.

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