The Unbranded – Chapter 1

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Bristolcon 2012

Last weekend, Del, Scarlet and I travelled to one of our favourite cities in the world, Bristol, for Bristolcon. A relatively new genre convention, Bristolcon is already a mainstay for us and without a doubt the friendliest event on the calendar. There is something very unique about the Bristolcon committee’s approach to putting together and running an event. Panelists put …

Teddy Girls

‘Ken Russel’s series of documentary “Teddy Girl” photographs were published in Picture Post magazine in the summer of 1955′

World’s Smallest Hot Rod Made Using Nanotechnology

Researchers have built a new super-small “nanodragster” that improves on prior nanocar designs and could speed up efforts to craft molecular machines. “We made a new version of a nanocar that looks like a dragster,” said James Tour, a chemist at Rice University who was involved in the research. “It has smaller front wheels on a shorter axle and bigger …