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  • Lakin’s Lycanthrope

    Posted on by Kim

    The full lunar cycle in June was dedicated to werewolves over at the Dark Fiction Review. I chose to review Angela Carter’s short story ‘Peter and the Wolf’. “As a child, I was petrified of two pieces of classical music. … Continue reading

  • Tourniquet

    Posted on by Kim

    Renegade City. Futurist Gothika. Mecca of the damned. Where uber rock-band, Origin, is deified and the world’s dark sub-cultures coexist under the umbrella faith of ‘Belief’. But Roses, the great, Gothic messiah is dead, the tribes are in turmoil, and … Continue reading

  • The Thaw

    Posted on by Kim

    “How do you feel?” my husband asked me last night when I told him I had finished writing my novel, Autodrome. “Not sure,” I answered truthfully, fully aware the answer should’ve been excited, euphoric, nervous, or enthusiastic. Continue reading