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    “Kim Lakin-Smith’s dark, lyrical prose flows towards the poetic, making you sigh with pleasure.” Graham Joyce

    [two_third]Tourniquet: Tales from the Renegade City

    Renegade City. Futurist gothika. Mecca of the damned. Where über rock-band, Origin, is deified and the world’s dark sub-cultures coexist under the umbrella faith of ‘Belief’…more

    Renegade has the feel of poetry about it, but it is edgy, dangerous stuff. To read it out loud would be less a lyrical waxing than an invocation of something smoky and menacing, adorned with horn and hoof. It is a cloacal, treacly mix of gothic thriller, urban paranoid examination and scarred, black magic treatise.”

    Conrad Williams



    Published By Immanion Press

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    with original stories from: Brian Aldiss, Stephen Baxter, Molly Brown, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, M. John Harrison, Dave Hutchinson, Kim Lakin-Smith, Ian R. MacLeod…more

    Reviewed at The Fix:

    “The Killing Fields” by Kim Lakin-Smith does exactly what its title implies. A whirling dervish of a story set in Shropshire Hills, “reduced to a rabid war zone by gang violence, mafia-owned cartels and vigilantism,” Regan and her sidekick, an eleven-year-old girl eke out a marginal existence in the aftermath of a near-future civil war. It’s fast, brutal, and as nihilistic as anything written since Michael Moorcock introduced Jerry Cornelius

    by Colin Harvey


    Featuring a World Fantasy Award winning story from Gwyneth Jones plus original stories from: Pat Cadigan, Storm Constantine, Justina Robson, Tricia Sullivan, Freda Warrington, Liz Williams, Leigh Kennedy, Kim Lakin-Smith, Deborah J. Miller…

    Johnny and Emmie-Lou Get Married

    Johnny and Emmie-Lou Get Married is a take on Romeo and Juliet based in an alternative future. Two opposing gangs, a forbidden love and a steam powered muscle car street race. Published in Interzone 222. Shortlisted for this year’s British Science Fiction Association’s short story award.


    Published in Black Static 12

    The Shadow Keeper

    Published in Black Static 13

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