Teddy Girls

‘Ken Russel’s series of documentary “Teddy Girl” photographs were published in Picture Post magazine in the summer of 1955′

World’s Smallest Hot Rod Made Using Nanotechnology

Researchers have built a new super-small “nanodragster” that improves on prior nanocar designs and could speed up efforts to craft molecular machines. “We made a new version of a nanocar that looks like a dragster,” said James Tour, a chemist at Rice University who was involved in the research. “It has smaller front wheels on a shorter axle and bigger …

The drowned village.

DERWENT, DERBYSHIRE Drowned Church in Derwent Valley – part of my research for a new ghost story called ‘Dark Peak’. Click on the image to watch the video.

The astonishing art of Alexander Jansson

The illustrations of one of my favourite artists, Alexander Jansson. His enchanting ‘greenpunk’ series opens the casement onto all manner of wild woods and weird worlds.