• Eastercon: battles, punk and tea parties

    Posted on by Kim

    The UK’s largest science fiction convention, Eastercon LX will be taking place 10th-13th of April 2009 at The Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford. Del and I will be attending for the full event and I am delighted to be taking part in two panels.

    10.00am (ouch!) Sunday is ‘The Appeal of Steampunk’. I will be moderating the panel and am joined by guest of honour, Tim Powers, LX co-chair Peter Harrow, Cory Doctorow, Toby Frost and Venette Uye.

    2.00pm Sunday I am a panellist on the subject of ‘Pacifism and nonviolence in SF & fantasy’ The moderator will be Farah Mendlesohn, and my fellow panellists will be Sam Kelly and writer of the incredible ‘The Goneaway World’, Nick Harkaway.

    In-between we’ll be making much use of the bar and enjoying the delights of a steampunk tea party, futuristic disco and Forbidden Planet’s Battle of the Bands.

    Visit http://lx2009.com for more information.

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